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In 1945, Mr. Ted Dashnay opened the snack bar that would one day be known as Ivan's Restaurant. Today, Ivan's continues to honour the time-tested traditions and recipes that have made it a long-standing destination for quality family food.


Ivan’s Restaurant is the original Ted’s Snack Bar.  Mr. Ted Dashnay owned a well-established market and butcher shop on Algonquin Avenue, and in 1945 decided to compliment his business with the addition of a drive-in.

It became a wonderful summer attraction, and throngs of people were drawn to his famous secret recipes for the “Pronto Pup,” homemade gravy, and techniques for producing the best fries, homemade burgers and shakes.  Proudly, the recipes have remained authentic and the time-honored tradition continues.


Ted transferred ownership to his butcher, Ivan Cloutier, in 1975, and the business was moved to the corner of O’Brien Street and Highway 17, where he operated it under his own name until Claude Ledoux purchased it in 1985.  Its current location was initially a trial run to test the viability of staying open year round, but the new incarnation was well received and has continued to bustle and thrive.

Claude’s daughter Kristina purchased the restaurant in 2007. She has continued to honour the time-tested traditions and recipes that have made Ivan’s a long-standing destination for quality family food.

Based on the belief that only the highest quality ingredients can be used, the menu has evolved with many healthful additions.  With her vision, the restaurant reflects fresh and forward thinking, while staying true to its roots.  If you haven’t discovered what makes Ivan’s unique since 1945, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Welcome and enjoy, there’s only one bona-fide original that has earned its name as a North Bay tradition!

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